Principal’s Profile

Dr. Anita Rani Rathore (M. Phil, Ph. D) hails originally from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh but has spent most of her career, life in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. She has over 28 years of valuable experience in the field of education. While she has been a passionate and caring teacher, she has been firmly result-oriented with a steady vision as an administrator. She sincerely believes that real education lies way beyond books.

She is a feminist writer, committed to the cause of restoring human values and gender roles, with 20 papers to her credit and a book on “EMERGENCE OF FEMINSIM”. Her emotional intelligence and the right blend of approach toward compassion, discipline, and constructive freedom to students have made her a popular figure amongst students and faculty. With her rich experience, multi-faceted personality, and leadership qualities she is sure to lead the college community with vision and dedication.